Unless you look closely the Paradiddle is often mistaken for a Roll… and in some ways, it could be considered a “fancy” roll…but it is more than that 🙂

The term “Paradiddle” is actually a drumming term. A paradiddle is a drum rudiment that combines single strokes with precisely placed double strokes. In drum terminology, “para” means “single stroke” and “diddle” means “double stroke,” and thus the term describes a sticking pattern where a single stroke is followed by a double stroke.

For SpeedBagging the Paradiddle describes a combination of single strikes with a single bounce Rhythm, of the form :


Usually the Paradiddle (like the Roll) uses repeating, alternating, Hammer Punches – but can also be done with Straight or even Backhand Punches.

This combination requires small, fast, and accurate hand movements…. with a single bounce rhythm.