Speed Bag Training for StrengtH, Endurance, Fitness & Fun

Training for Exercise

Fitness & Endurance Training….  

Speed Bag Training for Exercise

Although historically the Speedbag has primarily been considered as a tool for training boxers, it also offers a lot of benefits for general exercise as well :

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Fun

  • Hand Speed
  • Core
  • General Fitness
  • Rehabilitation

One of the reasons boxer style training is often not included in a standard gym, is because the equipment can require a lot of space and setup… Heavy bags take up space and gym members also need to use wraps and gloves….  With the Speedbag however, space and setup requirements are minimal, and little or no hand protection is needed.

Because if the easy setup, and the training benefits,  the Speedbag is increasingly becoming a common piece of gym equipment in traditional (non-boxing) gyms as well.

All types of people with all sorts of backgrounds start a new exercise routine for a variety of reasons, but when you get down  it there are really a few MAIN goals people want to accomplish…

  • Get healthy
  • Lose weight/fat
  • Gain weight/muscle
  • Lose fat and gain muscle (aka “tone” up) (aka “look good naked”)

Obviously diet also needs to be considered as a part of your exercise regime… but the areas thae Speedbag training are very good at in regard to exercise are :

  • Improving Fitness
  • Increased Endurance
  • Fatsre reflexes and speed
  • Improved Core



Speed bagging  has traditionally used the  “square” stance, however if fitness improvement is your main reason for bagging, we would STRONGLY recommend use of a standard “fight” stance.

The “fight” stance (with one foot ahead of the other) allows for more fluid and active movement and also is a better position to activate your core.


Using the Speed bag for Exercise opens up pretty much the full realm of punches, strikes and combinations.

The greater variety of strikes and combinations you use, the wider range of muscles you will use, so we would encourage you to experiment with  pounches and combinations to see which ones challeneg you the most… and which ones you enjoy, as it is also important that exercise is FUN.

The types of workouts you use regularly will depend largely on your specific exercise and fitness goals.

You should probably incorporate a variety of Footwork and Freestyle based workouts (including dodging, weaving and twisting) to ensure that you are getting full body workouts.

Endurance goals should be achieved with longer workout sessions.

Multibag Training is particularly useful for fitness/endurance, and once you have mastered a decent set of single bag punches and strikes, you shpould definitely try pout Multibag workouts.