Speed Bag Training for Boxers

Speed Bag For Boxers

Historically, Training with a Speed Bag  has been an important part of a Boxers training regime, and (because it is visually interesting) has often featured in many high profile boxing movies (e.g. Rocky)

In the last decade or so, Speed Bag Training seems to have “gone out of fashion” a little”….  Where once, every half decent boxing gym would have a row of Speed Bags to select from, these days , some gyms don’t seem to offer Speed Bags at all.. in favour of rows and rows of heavy bags.

However, in more recent time there has been a resurgence in the use of Speed bags by both Amateur and Professional boxer, and even those just boxing for fun.

Why Do Boxers use Speed Bags ?

Speed Bag Training has been a core part of a boxers training regime for a long, long time,
the main benefits attributed to Speed Bag Training are :

  • Hand Eye Co-ordination – enhances the coordination between your eyes and hands, improving the speed and accuracy of your punches
  • Hands Up – trains you to always keep your hands up (with a Speed Bag you rarely have time to drop them)
  • Footwork – learn to shift weight between your feet. With a speed ball, you can practice footwork and quickness while training. Moving in rhythm with the ball will help mimic a boxing bought.
  • Timing – fundamental to Speed Ball techniques… if you don’t get the timing right you wont be able to hit the bag consistently or accurately
  • Hand Speed – “Speed” Bags are called that for a reason – it is NOT about Power, it is all about the speed, timing and accuracy of your punches
  • Accuracy – to achieve consistent results you MUST learn to punch accurately
  • Strength & Endurance – Simulating a boxing fight with a speed ball will improve your overall endurance so you can last longer in the ring. The last 30 seconds before the round finishes is the most important and improving your endurance will enhance your chances of getting more accurate punches in.
  • Fitness – Another benefit of training with a speed ball is the fitness and endurance workout. If you’re having a hard time enduring a long fight, use the speed ball to improve your overall endurance.