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Speed Bag Workouts

Speed-Bag Training Workouts

A selection of Speed Bag Training Workout Routines

This page offers a selection of sample Speed Bag Training Workouts.  This is by no means intended to be a complete or exhaustive list, but we hope it will inspire you to to experiment with different training sessions that you can incorporate into your own training regime. 

Note: This page is permanently under development as we keep adding new workouts and improving existing ones

Training Guidelines

The type of workouts you do, and how you structure your training, will depened very much on your own personal goals and the style of bagging that appeals to you (although most baggers usually at least try a mixture of styles and many incorporate a vareity of different syles in their training workouts).  There are some simple “rules” that we have listed below that we have found to be useful :

  • Keep it Short – as a general rule a number of short (3-5 minute) training sessions are going to be much more effective than a single long session (unless yiou are focusing on endurance/fitness) 
  • Keep Moving – NEVER stop moving your feet/legs… dont stand flat footed… keep on the balls of your feet with knees bent and keep moving in, out, up down and around the bag.  If you struggle with footwork, we strongly recommend reviewing our Footwork Training workout.
  • Mix it Up – mix up your workouts and punch combinations… dont stick with the same routines for too long… If you find you are getting bored, then chooe another punch style or combination to learn… Challenge yourself.
  • Have Fun  – Speed Bagging is meant to be FUN… even for professional boxers and athletes using speed bagging as a part of their training routine, speed bagging should be an element they enjoy.