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The Speed Bag Training website has been established
to provide information, resources and products
for anyone interested in getting the most out of Speed Bagging.

Whatever your interest in Speed Bag Training….whether you are using Speed Bags as a Sport… as a part of your Boxer Training… for Fun….. or even just to “show off” to your friends, we hope this site will give you some insights, inspiration, entertainment, and perhaps even some education to enable you to get the most out of your Speed Bag Experience.

We have gathered together here a variety of information and resources…. and have not been shy about sharing our own thoughts, opinions and insights into Speed Bag Training (which we freely admit are not necessarily correct).

Feel free to use this site as a tool to help you better understand the world of Speed Bagging.

“MultiBag Speed bagging Offers A SpeedBag Training system that not only improves your abilities…
but is also fun.”