The MultiBag – SpeedBall Training Story

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An Ordinary Aussie Bloke with a PasSion for Speed Bagging…  

My Speed Bag Training Story

My SpeedBag Story

I am a pretty ordinary Aussie guy in my mid 50s…

A few years ago… when I was in my early 50s, I found myself morbidly obese (135+Kg), with type 2 Diabetes and a host of related medical issues.  I was daily having to take a scary (and growing) concoction of medications, and my health was steadily deteriorating.

I decided that if I didn’t want to die within the next 10-15 years of complications associated with being overweight and diabetic, I would need to make some changes to my lifestyle.

So I Did….
and now, 50+Kgs lighter at a little over 80 Kgs, Diabetes & Medication Free,
I am the healthiest I have been in decades….

Joining a gym (after a 30 year absence) was one of the key factors that turned my life around.

In my 20’s I was a bit of a Gym Junkie (Aerobics & Perms were actually cool in the 1980s… apparently…) but following a series of injuries – due mostly to over-training –  the gym fell by the wayside and somehow, over the next 30 years, I steadily put on weight. 

I had long been interested in Boxer “style” training, so when deciding to go back to a Gym, I looked at a bunch of local Boxing Gyms.  I decided I was more interested in boxing style of exercises (rather than actually hitting anyone – or getting hit for that matter), so rather than joining a “hard core” boxing gym, I ended up joining a gym franchise based around a boxer training exercise regime (Wraps, Gloves, Heavy Boxing Bags, Sparring, some free Weights, some core Cardio machines, Skipping, various Bodyweight Exercises,  Floor to Ceiling Boxing bags, and of course… Speedbags).

Of all the different types of exercises, the Speedbag held a fascination for me (Speedbags were featured in pretty much every boxing movie I can remember… and they seemed pretty cool).  But when I finally had a go for the first time… I  was hopeless.. and could barely even hit the bag… let alone look cool doing it….

I accepted Speed Bagging as a personal challenge.

Over the next few months, at the beginning and end of each workout, I spent a bit of extra time on the speedbag… and eventually, I got better at it – faster, more precise… and yes maybe even “cooler“.  I started experimenting… and looked to Youtube for inspiration on new types of punches and combinations I could try. 

My technique improved… and so did my fitness… but eventually I found I was getting a  bit bored with my (now fairly extensive) repertoire of Speedbag Punches & Combinations.  I began to wonder what else I could try.

Our gym, happened to have 2 speedbags – setup at different heights – mounted on a single post at right angles to each other –  and I realised (more by accident than anything else), that if I stood between the bags, rather than facing one of them straight on, I might be able to reach, and hit both of them… at the same time… and for me, the idea of Multi-Bagging was born.

I found that (with a bit more patience and practice) not only could I hit both bags, but it was also CHALLENGING and FUN !!!… After a several months I also began to realise that MultiBag Training (which is what I had started to call it) offered a LOT more training benefits for Training Boxers, over and above traditional Speedbag Training.

The types of strikes and the variety of punch combinations available with multibagging, also increased significantly (and is still growing as I experiment)…. I soon started thinking that if 2 bags were better than one… surely 3 bags would be better still !!!

I didn’t have access to a 3 speedbag setup, but I started shadow boxing a “ghost” third bag, and decided that it was theoretically  possible. So I came up with a bunch more combinations – specifically for 3 Speedbags.  However, I soon realised that no-one had a 3 bag setup… because it just didn’t exist.. So I started work on designing and prototyping a Multibag Speedbag Platform that could mount 1,2 or 3 speedbags.

We are currently well down this path and hope soon (early in 2021 ??) to go into production and have
Multibag Platforms available for sale.

What About 4 Bags ???… Hmmmmm…     

“An Ordinary Australian Guy…
with, Patience, Perseverence….
and a Passion for Speed Bags.”

When I first tried a SpeedBag (not that very long ago)… I had NO idea how to use it…

I wasn’t going to let it beat me…

So with patience, perseverence and a positive attitude, over an 18 month period, I learnt to master most of the “tradtional” speed bagging techniques, and went on “invent” a whole lot more of my own…