Speed Bag Training

Whether you are a Bible Bagger, or Boxer, Speed Bags should form a regular and significant part of your Training regime. 

Speed Bag Gear

We are currently working on a number of prototypes for setting up Multi-Bag Speedall Stations – for your Home or Gym.

Multi-Bag Training

Multi-Bag Speedball Training is a relatively new style of Speed Bagging designed for Boxers to optimise the skills they need in a fight.

Latest News

SpeedBag 101 : Gloves or Not ??

We are often asked whether gloves should be used when SpeedBagging... The answer though is not straightforward.... For standard boxing, gloves and wraps are important.. They are necessary to protect...

SpeedBag Stance : Square vs Boxing – Which is Best ?

Historically Baggers have primarily hit the SpeedBag using a "Square" Stance i.e. facing the bag straight on with feet equidistant to the bag. For some styles of SpeedBagging this is clearly a good...

SpeedBag or SpeedBall ??

Should we be calling it a Speed bag or a Speed Ball ??...Well the answer is actually both... but it does depend a bit on where you are from. Like many words and phrases the "correct" terminology to...

Footwork Training for Boxers using Speed Bags

Speed Bag Training has been a part of traditional boxing training regimes for a long long time. However, “Footwork” is not normally cited as one of the benefits of Speed Bag Training. This is...

Setting Up a Multi-Speedbag Training Station

The fundamental requirement for a Multi Speed Bag Station is Accessibility. It is critical that all bags are within arms reach – although extra footwork is also usually required particularly for 3...

Why Train with more than one Speed Bag ?

Training with a Speed bag has been a fairly standard part of boxer training for many years because it offers a variety of training advantages. However, using Multiple Speed Bags at the same time...