Bible Bag Style – The Speed Bag Bible- Alan Kahn

Bible Bag Style

Alan Kahn, Author of “The Speed Bag Bible” is known as the “Godfather” of Bible Style Speed Bagging.


Bible Style” describes a style of Speed Bagging which includes an extensive variety of punches and punch combination.  It is a very entertaining style, which encompasses punches to every side of the speed bag, using pretty much every part of your hand (and elbow strikes too).

In 1995, Alan Kahn published his book “Speed Bag Bible: The Ultimate Speed Bag Training Program“- which provides a comprehensive training manual on how to use the Speed Bag as a unique fitness workout.  This book initiated a resurgence of interest in Speed Bagging which continues today. 

Bible Style Speed bagging includes twenty four individual punches and strikes – from all areas of the bag, and includes a near endless variety of combinations.

Benefits of Bible Style Bagging


Some of the benefits of Bible Style Bagging over other styles (including Boxer Training and MultiBag Styles ) include :

  • Entertainment – Because Bible Style is fast, frantic and very “rhythmic”, it is also very entertaining  – which is why many of the video clips you will see on Youtube are based around Bible Style techniques
  • Fitness – Bible Stylel requires a reasonable level of fitness and endurance.  Looking Good with Bible Style means you need to make it look easy… an this often requires a LOT o pratcice.
  • Fun – Bible Style is lots of fun… and quite addictive, because you get to focus on the punches/strikes that appeal to you