MultiBag SPeed Bag – 2 or more bags at once

MultiBag Speed Bagging

MultiBag is a relatively new style of Speed Bagging.  It involves the use of 2 or more Speed Bags… at the same time.

MultiBag can be challenging, but is VERY rewarding as it offers significant benefits over and above the use of a single Speed Bag.

MuiltiBag is particularly beneficial as a part of a boxers training program, but also enhance general fitness and offers a whole new world of techniques and combinations for Bible Baggers

Why use More than One Speed Bag?


Using multiple Speed Bags offers all the benefits of Single Bag Styles, PLUS some significant EXTRA training advantages :

  • Peripheral Vision Training – traditionally the only way to improve peripheral vision in boxing has been through sparring. Sparring develops a whole lot of different skills in attack and defence but a sparring partner is not always available… and sparring training may not be practical. Multiple Speed Bag training enhances your response and reactions to peripheral vision triggers
  • Reflexes – by its very nature a Speed Bag requires good reflexes, with multiple balls you simply don’t have time to think and plan – you MUST learn to react reflexively
  • Improved Core – interacting with multiple targets requires a LOT more twisting and turning so your core gets a significant workout
  • Improved Footwork – you can not just rely on “reach” to get to your target… fast footwork and and footwork timing is a fundamental skill requirement for multi-speed ball training