Speed Bag Training for General Exercise

Speed Bag For Exercise

Speed Bags  have been associated with a boxers training regime for decades, however, “boxer style” training has become more and more popular as a part of many general exercise training programs.

Boxer style training exercises typically involver Heavy Boxing Bags, Sparring, some free Weights, some core Cardio machines, Skipping, various Bodyweight Exercises,  Floor to Ceiling Boxing bags, and of course… Speedbags. 

Although some gyms are now specialising in Boxer style training, and have the gear to do it well, the average gym doesn’t have the resources (or space) to properly setup for heavy bags or sparring.  However, many gyms are starting to include speedbags, as they are relatively easy and inexpensive to setup, take up  little space, and offer a wealth of training benefits.  

Why use Speed Bags for General Exercise ?

Many of the reasons people us Speed Bag Training for general training are the same(or similar) to those who use it for a boxer training.

The main benefits attributed to Speed Bag Training for general exercise are :

  • Strength & Endurance – Speed Bag training can be exhausting… Long, Fast Speedbag sessions require a surprising amount of energy and endurance.  Building up the time and effort expended during Speedbag training is a good way to improve your Strength and Endurance – particularly for upper body and shoulders.
  • Fitness – Another benefit of training with a speed ball is the fitness and endurance workout. 
  • Convenience – A Speedbag is an inexpensive and easy addition to anyone’s home gym.
  • Hand Eye Co-ordination – enhances the coordination between your eyes and hands
  • Footwork – learn to shift weight between your feet. With a speed ball, you can practice footwork and quickness while training.
  • Timing – fundamental to good Speed Ball technique… if you don’t get the timing right you wont be able to hit the bag consistently or accurately
  • Hand Speed – “Speed” Bags are called that for a reason – it is NOT about Power, it is all about the speed, timing and accuracy of your punches
  • Accuracy – to achieve consistent results you MUST learn to punch accurately