Should we be calling it a Speed bag or a Speed Ball ??…Well the answer is actually both… but it does depend a bit on where you are from.

Like many words and phrases the “correct” terminology to use can vary depending on where you come from. The term “SpeedBall” is often used in Australia nd the United Kingdom… but “SpeedBag” is much more common usage throughout the rest of the world.

The term “SpeedBall” has a few other meanings :

  • Speedball is a style of game used in Paintball
  • Speedball is a fast-paced team sport that involves throwing or kicking a ball into a goal
  • speedball, (aka “powerball“) is also a combination of heroin and cocaine

Even though we are actually based in Australia, we have had interest in what we are doing from throughout the world… so for this site we have mostly chosen to use the phase “Speedbag”. 🙂