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We have collated together on this page some of the most commonly asked questions and Answers relating to Speed Bagging or MultiBag Training.

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Are there different Types of Speed Bagging ?

Yes.  Traditionally Speed Bagging was used preimarily for Boxer Training, but in the 1990s a “new” style of Bagging which has become known as Bible Bagging became popular….

More recently MultiBag (where you get to interact with 2 or 3 Speedbags at the same time) has been introduced.   

What are the benefits of MultiBagging ??

MultiBag can be challenging, but is VERY rewarding as it offers significant benefits over and above the use of a single Speed Bag.

MuiltiBag is particularly beneficial as a part of a boxers training program, but also enhance general fitness.

Using multiple Speed Bags offers some significant EXTRA training advantages :

  • Peripheral Vision Training – Multiple Speed Bag training enhances your response and reactions to peripheral vision triggers
  • Reflexes – with multiple balls you simply don’t have time to think and plan – you MUST learn to react reflexively
  • Improved Core – interacting with multiple targets requires a LOT more twisting and turning so your core gets a significant workout
  • Improved Footwork – fast footwork and and footwork timing is a fundamental skill requirement for multi-speed ball training
Are their different Types of Speed Bags

The main difference between types of Speed Bags themselves is their size… Smaller bags tend to be lighetr and faster than larger bags.

There are also variations caused by the Swivel, the Drum and the Mount – all of which impact the bounce dynamics.

See our Speed Bag Setup Page for more information about the various options.