Level : All

Duration : 3-5 minutes

# Bags : One, Two, Three

Training Session Outline

This is a Footwork based workout designed to teach you to be able to punch the bag effectively no matter which foot you are using as your Lead foot.


Traditionally speed bagging has used a “square” or “straight on”stance. However for most types of speed bag training we would strongly recommend using a standard boxing (fight) stance – with one foot extended ahead of the other.

Most of us feel a lot more comfortable with one leading foot (either right or left – but usually left) and feel quite awkward and uncomfortable if we switch to the other.

We would encourage you to “switch” you leading foot as a regular part of your training routine.. At first it will feel really weird when you are not using your natural foot… but with a little practice you will find that switching foot no longer feels strange… and over time you may find that you actually have to think to decode which on is your natural stance.

Switching – not only helps you to become ambidextrous with your boxing… it will also improve your coordination skills and strength when using your “unnatural” arm.

Switching also makes your workouts more challenging, interesting and fun.

Switching could be considered an Intermediate or Advanced level skill…. bit I would encourage beginners (once they become comfortable with any style punch or combination to start experimenting with switching as well.


This workout can be done at any skill level with any punch combinations, but we recommend that you only use it for punches/combinations that you have practiced and are comfortable with.

  • Fight Stance – stand in the fight stance. DONT be flat footed, lean slightly towards the bag, on the balls of you feet
  • Punch Combination – use whatever punches/combinations you wish – e.g. Leadx5, Rearx5, Alternatex5 (L5, R5, A5)
  • Switch – Switch your lead foot
  • Repeat Punch Combination – repeat the same punch combination but with your alternate foot leading
  • Switch – Switch your lead foot
  • Repeat from beginning

Variations & Advanced

Once the basic punches and combinations start to feel natural you can incorporate one or more of the following

  • Smooth Switch – keep the punch rhythm going throughout the switch… don’t slow down or break the pattern
  • Advanced Combinations – use increasingly more complicated combinations
  • Multibag – incorporate a 2nd or 3rd bag into your combinations


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December 10, 2020

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