Level : Intermediate, Advanced

Duration : 3-10 minutes

# Bags : Two, Three

Training Session Outline

The goal of this workout is to improve your Timing, Footwork and Endurance.


This workout involves single punches on multiple bags. It does not rely on the rhythmic series of punches normally associated with the speed bag, so precision and accuracy are not that important… but reflexes and timing is critical. This workout aims to simulate some of the randomness associated with a sparring session or an actual fight.

The goal of this workout is to improve the timing of throwing your punches, by watching, waiting, anticipating and striking when the bag is in a suitable position. It encourages nimble footwork and, for longer workout sessions can be a pretty good physical workout to improve your endurance.


This workout should be done with a variety of punches

  • Fight Stance – stand in the fight stance. DONT be flat footed, lean slightly towards the bag, on the balls of you feet
  • Single Strike – hit one of the bags with a single strike
  • Move – duck, weave, move around the back… or move back or forward (towards or away from the bag)
  • Wait – watch the bags and wait until they settle down a little.. but are still moving
  • Single Strike – strike a bag again (can be same or different as last time)
  • Repeat


  • Start with straight fist punches, but build up to include downward fists, backhands, hooks and even elbows.
  • for more advanced incorporate double punches or multiple punch combinations

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December 2, 2020

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