The Hook, is a Power Hit, and considered by many to be the single most destructive punch in boxing.

A hook is a short, compact punch filled with speed and power. It is delivered from the side connecting (usually) to the side of the head (temple) or chin of your opponent.

You can throw the hook with either hand, however, in boxing, the majority of hooks are usually thrown from the lead arm, however, in Speedbagging, because power is not the primary purpose, we tend to use either hand.

The Hook punch can only properly be delivered from a boxing stance with weight balanced, because it relies on transfer of power from your legs, through your body,shoulder and arm… with the body rotating with the follow through ( The square stance doesn’t give you the mobility you need)

Palm Down (Horizontal Fist) or Palm In (Vertical Fist) ??

There is an ongoing debate about whether the hook punch should actually connect with Palm Down (Horizontal fist) or Palm In (Vertical fist). For Speedbagging, it is really a personal preference… However, for boxing, one of the fundamental rules is that you have to hit with the knuckle part of the glove… A vertical fist hook (unless your opponent is in close) is difficult to hit with the knuckles if you are wearing boxing gloves… so could be considered a foul.

Horizontal (Palm Down)
Vertical (Palm In)

if you are in close, a Vertical Fist is faster and easier… if you are a bit further away a horizontal fist may give more power, but tends to be slower because it requires a wider swing (and can also feel a little awkward).

General “Rules”

  • Use a Boxing Stance
  • Keep you Guard Up – You should be maintaining your guard before you attempt the hook and after you’ve landed it.
  • Balance your weight: Distribute the weight well between both the feet.

Classic Hook

A Classic Hook is thrown by the Lead hand at the end of a combination. Start by launching your fist towards the target, keeping your elbow parallel to your cheekbone… not too wide – keep it nice and compact you should hit the bag with your palm facing down and be connecting with your two largest knuckles.

Lead Hook

A variation, known as a Lead Hook is used as a Power punch at the start of a combination