Done well, the Roll is an impressive SpeedBag punch combination… and is often the “go to” combination that pro boxers use to “show off”, and movie producers use in their boxing scenes. However, the Roll is actually one of the easiest punch combination to achieve (although it does take practice to master, and there are a number of variations which are harder).

The Roll is a 2 punch combination, involving striking the front of the bag with left and right hands in a circular motion – with a single bounce rhythm.

Usually the Roll uses repeating, alternating, Hammer Punches – but can also be done with Straight or even Backhand Punches.

This combination requires small, fast, and accurate hand movements.

It is called a Roll because the hands make a rolling motion.

The above describes the basic roll – which is a front forward roll, but there are a number of variations including :

  • Back Roll
  • Reverse Roll
  • Paradiddle (a variation involving a mixture of single and double hits)